Disney's Parks Attractionista Dolls

Disney' s Attractionistas are exclusively from Disney Parks, they are based on Disney Parks attracions, they are Gracey, Pearl, Maddie, Celeste, Carrie and Nellie.

Gracey loves the night and things that go bump therein. At her favorite Disney Parks attraction, The Haunted Mansion, the Ghost Host and singing busts are like old friends she's known for an eternity!

Pearl is an adventurer at heart, always setting sail for some distant tropic isle. On board her favorite Disney Parks attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean, this spirited lass can usually be found ''yo-ho-ing'' right along!

When London-born Maddie first visited the Disney Parks, she found them delightfully curious. She loves to spin-around and share dizzying days of fun and adventure, so she's right at home on the Mad Tea Party attraction! 

Although she loves the fireworks at Disney Parks, Celeste feels nothing can match the light show that is our galaxy. Each time she blasts off on her favorite attraction, Space Mountain, she feels one step closer to the stars! 

Equestrian Carrie fancies that for every ''down'' in life, there is an ''up.'' On her outings to the Disney Parks, she can be found riding around and around on the Fantasyland Carousel, her ponytail swirling behind the dancing steeds. 

Since her childhood expeditions to the Congo, Nellie has been a nature girl. During her many Jungle Cruise attraction journeys, she dreams of photographing wildlife on the deepest, darkest rivers beyond the Disney Parks.

Disney's Parks Attractionista Dolls

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